May 2020 Intensive

Let’s spend time together this week to dive deeper into our inner work,
finding where we can resolve conflicts and distress,
connect to a vision of what really matters to us,
and let go of anything in the way of creating it.

During these 5 days worth of calls there will be numerous guided exercises
Opportunities to work 1 on 1, and “borrow benefits” for the group
Using Guided Awareness, Inner Reconciliation, Tapping & More

Week of 5/11/20
Calls will be, in Eastern Time

Monday (2:30pm), Wednesday (4pm), Thursday (TBD),
Saturday (TBD) and Sunday (2:30pm)

You will have audio and video recordings of all calls

These “strange times” provide a rare opportunity for me to have the time to do something like this. 
They also affect us all very differently
You may have lost your primary method of earning (as I have) 

For this reason the program is

Pay What You Want (Minimum $10)


If you have any issues ordering, please email support -at- Thank You!